Scammers on Facebook are getting stronger

This one is a jaw-dropper.

Just at a time when Facebook faces greater scrutiny, ad costs are going up, and there are complaints of Facebook having too much power.

I’ve had my own ad accounts shut down the last couple of weeks with no explanation.

These are for well-known brands– and the folks at Facebook ignore our messages.

Hundreds of people are telling me the same thing has happened to them.

Yes on diversifying (to not have all your eggs in one basket)– but if I’m Facebook, this is a wake-up call to build a sales and support team now.

Admirable that Sheryl Sandberg and Zuck believe that they can solve this all via AI (like a nightmare voicemail maze where there are no humans to talk to). But the Silicon Valley way of doing things needs to change– the tech bro dream of software governing utopia is cracking, revealing the true pain and suffering, much like the bums wandering the streets next to the HQ of Twitter and other networks.

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How a massive Facebook scam siphoned millions of dollars from unsuspecting boomers.

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