Some people…

After reading his post, I thought, “That guy should get a one-way, EXPRESS elevator ticket to Hell”…

Because he was preying upon desperate people, offering false hope.

I clicked on his link, offering to tell me– for FREE– everything I needed to know to make 7 figures online.

And it was an upsell to a program on how to sell programs on how to make 7 figures– I’m not making this up.

He proudly displayed his double-comma ClickFunnels award, spacious mansion, and exotic cars as proof of his success.

Folks– if you want to help, make your stuff truly FREE with no strings.

Don’t say it’s 100% free, but require a credit card to get access.

Don’t claim you’re providing free coaching calls, but really it’s just lead gen to sell them into a high-ticket program.

Don’t pretend you can help them start a business when you haven’t succeeded yet yourself.

Preying upon people who are in a financial crisis or a personal crisis is like witch doctors selling sugar pills for $100 each as Corona cures.

Or one guy (who I won’t name) saying he has a hand sanitizer factory and wants me to help him market.

This same guy was peddling crypto last year, and Facebook ads the year before.

If you want to help out, give freely with no strings or fine print, right?

What stuff have you seen?

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