Stand behind your passion.

I’ve had clients that are in the firearms industry, and done consulting for a couple of branches of the armed services…

… but also had clients such as hospitals, funeral homes, insurance companies, and casket manufacturers.

I don’t have an ethical problem with this.

When we ran ads for WWE (the wrestling company), we bid on the keyword “undertaker”.

At the same time, we were bidding on “Undertaker” for a funeral home.

Can you imagine someone whose family member just passed away– and then they see an ad for WrestleMania?

I do have an ethical problem with sales consultants who come to us needing help with driving sales.

Or “make millions speaking from the stage” by info product sellers who I know don’t make any money speaking– and have never spoken on a big stage before.

I had a co-founder who works for a mattress company that has two letters in their name but sleeps on a Purple mattress.

Whatever you’re selling, can you stand behind the product?

And if you’re doing their marketing, do you believe in the product?

Many will disagree with me– but I don’t believe you should market a company you don’t have passion for.

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