People think that the key to success is to be brilliant and have years of experience, but they’re DEAD WRONG.

That’s what people who have failed try to tell me all day long.

Anyone can show up to a meeting on time, pay full attention during the meeting, and reply to messages reliably.

When we’re on Zoom or conference calls, it’s easy to zone out or pretend you can multitask.

You physically can’t– countless studies prove this, though the most ineffective people insist they can.

And then when these people fail, they blame every factor except their lack of being fully present– showing up on time and being attentive.

The good news for you is that if you’re 100% present, you’ll see the incredible opportunities in front of you right now.

And I’m happy to share clients and jobs.

There is plenty of work and you don’t need to be a super genius with a decade of experience to do well.

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