The struggle is real.

I was shocked when this $30 million dollar entrepreneur told me that he lost 60% of his staff- who walked out on him, disgruntled, starting a competitor.

Another $100 million entrepreneur, had a nearly 100% turnover of his executive team but still managed to not only survive but emerge even better.

Another 8 figure entrepreneur, the founder of the ROI Method, blew up his agency, meaning he had no recurring income anymore– a huge risk– so he had room to start something bigger.

The biggest headache that entrepreneurs and small business owners tell me about is finding good people.

Team members who can think for themselves without babysitting- yet aren’t so cocky that they need massive ego-stroking on over-estimated ability.

They won’t understand- since they’re the ones getting paid, not the ones writing the checks each week.

So any failure in business is ultimately up to you since you hired them.

Make the necessary changes- favor action over complaining.

The struggle in entrepreneurship is real– even for the ones who you think became successful overnight.

You’re on the right path!

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