To the INFLUENCERS out there, let me ask you…

Beyond “getting yourself out there”- creating content, networking, and travel- what are you doing about building an actual business?

+ Do you have a clear product or service to sell (a course on how to make courses doesn’t count)?

+ Is that offering dependent upon you being there (so that you have a job, but not a company)?

+ Have you built a team so that you don’t have to work in your business (governed by repeatable processes to execute, hire, and fire)?

+ Are you investing in your business education (not your personal brand, but how to do deals, negotiate contracts, run operations, manage finances, etc)?

If you’re missing any of the 4 items above, get these foundational items in place now- lest you find yourself exhausted from sprinting on the treadmill, but getting nowhere.

I see so much on mindset and personal branding (the shiny stuff), but almost zero on how to run an actual business.

My mentor, the former CEO of American Airlines, taught me about the 4 components of business:

+ Marketing/Sales- to drive traffic and buyers.

+ Accounting/Finance- to count the money.

+ Operations/Production- to reliably execute & deliver.

+ CW (Corporate Wastebasket) and everything else.

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