Want to know a secret?

I’m 5 years away from turning 50– yeah, FIFTY.

Like someone who is really old– the geezer we made fun of when we were kids.

A wrinkly tortoise with a cane, out of touch with reality and barely able to hear– while the young adults zip around.

But I have higher energy than any young adult I know— able to focus, travel the world, and get stuff done.

I still think of myself as 18 years old but with more experience, more willing to try new things, and not afraid to fail.

Most of my friends are over 50– Barry Habib is year from 60, Dr. Robert Lyons is 64 years old, and so forth.

I won’t out with all my friends.

Age is really a mindset. I know 26-year-olds who are mentally and physically frail.

They’ve died, but their bodies won’t be in the grave for another 50 years.

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