Website down

Our website is down right now since we’re moving hosts (back to AWS) and also re-doing the Academy.

We should be back in a couple of days— then give everyone new logins to get access to the videos, exercises, and certifications.

If you’re looking to start an agency or grow your agency– even if you’re outside the US or have no experience, join us here:

If you’re a local business owner, you still have two weeks left to get free access to our training on how to grow your community, use video to engage with customers, learn digital marketing, and get your social media right.

Business owners— send a message to with the subject of LOVE IS KIND and tell me your specific goal.

If you’re a partner, meaning that you have a group of businesses or workers, I am happy to teach in your community and share our materials. Message and we’ll get something on the calendar.

If you’re not one of these three roles (specialist, business, or partner), then you’re not a human– so you can ignore this message!

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