Don’t just SAY you’re kicking butt— actually do it!

I’m glad that Instagram is removing like counts. You’ll see less posing and flexing from wantrepreneurs.

Spend less time trying to look good and more time actually working towards your goals.

When you see someone that posts only about themselves— their “perfect” moments as opposed to showing in-the-trenches experiences with others, there’s a good chance they’re fake or trying to sell you a course.

When you see self-praise instead of that of their customers and team members, odds are you have a wantrepreneur.

Real entrepreneurs have teams and processes for their businesses. So when they want to go on vacation for a week, their business doesn’t fall apart while they’re gone.

Real entrepreneurs do it for the mission— to help others instead of for their own vanity.

If you want to build something big, stop hanging around those WANTREPRENEURS- impressing them will get you nowhere and turn you into one of them.

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