Here’s what happens when you raise your standards…

Team members who have gotten used to submitting shoddy work get a rude awakening– so they are offended and complain.

Clients and employees see your company is serious about delivering quality, even if you have to lose money or do “free work” to uphold the standard.

Potential clients and potential A-level employees take note- and they want to join your company.

The folks who were comfortable turning in C’s, but unwilling to up their game, leave the company– they are “good” people, not people you’d want to fire.

But it’s mediocrity that will kill your company— since these people aren’t clearly excellent, but also not horrible.

Don’t be afraid to raise your standards– the A players and your clients, who can clearly see when you’ve nothing about it before, will breathe a sigh of relief and thank you.

Here’s how “good” people will KILL your company:

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