I believe it’s never been EASIER to become famous or succeed as an entrepreneur than today.

The rest of the world is just starting to get their digital lives going and make decisions based on social proof, instead of the hard work of research.

We are entering the age of personal selling– where people are so overwhelmed with information overload and the fast pace of society that they make decisions based on simple trust. Fyre Festival, GaryVee, and Donald Trump win for the same reason– they know how to generate attention.

Who cares what your opinion is– the mere fact that we’re talking about them means they’re winning.

If you want to sell, you have to control attention– but it doesn’t mean you have to be obnoxious to do it.

Simply show you’ve got perceived authority, like Logan Young on CNN Worldwide (below) with the Content Factory sign in the background.

Being famous doesn’t mean you’re also honest or trustworthy, as I discovered with my co-founder and we all discovered with Fyre Festival and OJ Simpson.

Generating attention isn’t a bad thing– fire can cook a great steak or burn your house down.

But either way, we must learn to harness attention to grow our brands and our businesses.

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