I’m about to get $10 million in funding from some really important people.

And my product is going to change the world– you don’t want to miss out.

When you’ve made us a lot of money, I’ll happily introduce you to some important people I know.

You could get rich working for me.

Let me now write 6 detailed paragraphs with strategy and optimization questions I have, which will only take 5 minutes for you to quickly answer.

I know your agency has a process and charges a fee for private consulting with your CEO– but it would be smart for you to take this one for free.

Actually, I change my mind– there are so many agencies that can do it cheaper. And the free help you’ve already provided out of kindness is enough that I think I can hand it to another person to hopefully implement.


Don’t let this happen to you, my friend.

Qualify your prospects to show respect for your time.

Do you see highly trained and experienced professionals like doctors begging for business and giving out free services in the hopes of getting a client?

Even if they can’t afford you, it doesn’t hurt to give them 5 minutes of your time (if actually 5 minutes) and point them to articles you’ve written.

Value your time!

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