New connection: How is your day going, Dennis?

ME: Good, I guess.

New connection: Do you need more leads for your business? We can generate high quality leads super cheap for you. Let’s hop on the phone for 15 minutes right now!

ME: No thank you.

New connection: <blah, blah, blah, blah, blah>……

Me: …

New connection: Just following up, since I’ve not heard from you.

Me: ….

New connection: Hey. Did you get my message?

Me: … New connection: In case you lost track of my messages, I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to grow your business through digital marketing!

Me: Um, I guess that’s one way to generate leads, to keep hitting up people cold until they respond. Don’t you want to establish trust first?

Kudos to you for being relentless.

New connection: When can we set up a call?

Me: Sorry, we don’t do cold-calling for leads– we’re inbound only. New connection: I can do a special deal just for you at 50% off. Only $5,000 for your first 100 leads!

Me: <removes connection and regrets accepting invites from questionable looking LinkedIn requests>

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