I told the team at Vendasta…

I believe they have the biggest opportunity in online marketing that I have ever seen, right in front of them.

They are already the biggest company that you’ve never heard of since they white-label their digital marketing offerings to the majority of local players.

TV station, radio, newspaper, and other media companies in your town are probably already using their services.

There is more money in serving local businesses than in any digital pure play industry, by far.

Think of all the restaurants, dentists, car dealers, roofers, and businesses you see on Main Street. They need your help.

I’m thrilled and honored that they would want to work with Content Factory to grow their footprint, provide training for all things local, and deliver services to agencies.

Now is the time for you to start an agency to serve these businesses. And we have the training and platform to help you deliver leads to them.

You manage the client relationships and we handle all the execution for you.

Ready to find out more?

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