If I just lost $17 billion and fell from the 3rd richest person on earth to only the 6th richest person, I’d not be unhappy.

Would you?

More importantly, the delicious irony here is that the crisis PR firm hired to sway public opinion is in crisis themselves.

The heart surgeon has been caught smoking.

Facebook ads perform as well as they ever have, but perception is more important than reality– creating very real secondary effects.

Sure, people threaten to #deletefacebook and #deleteuber, but their words and actions rarely line up.

If you’re a founder or salesperson, ignore the noise— keep using the tools that work, since these platforms aren’t going away.

However, if you’re a consumer, watch for the Facebook dopamine addiction. It will hook you like cigarettes, dependent upon getting a LIKE fix.

The algorithm designed to capture your attention is WAY more dangerous than any Russian meddling– and there is no visibility on how it makes decisions.

Lawmakers and journalists are not talking about the fundamentals– they are distracted by the latest controversy.

A Look Inside the Tactics of Definers — Facebook’s Attack Dog

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