If this were 10 years ago, having a proper “website” would be critical.

Now it’s more about capturing the user’s information via a variety of means– email, native tracking, website retargeting, URL parameter, app install, or chatbot.

You want applications that do things– not a “website”.

And thus, the building of a “website” is more than just designing a few mobile responsive pages and choosing a theme.

That part is now trivial with modern frameworks.

Consider what your website must actually do, as opposed to having a pretty brochure that nobody sees.

Integrate with your advertising and Infusionsoft to drive traffic via social and email.

Get your “digital plumbing” in place– all the pixels, emails, and tracking across your entire digital footprint in place now. Not something your website-building guy knows how to do, right?

For your website, use WordPress unless you have some crazy, unique needs and a giant budget. Some people still spend $20,000 on a website, an expensive asset that doesn’t generate traffic or sales– thinking it must be “better” or more “secure”.

Modern websites are now combinations of tools such as landing pages via ClickFunnels or Thrive, email systems like Infusionsoft, and paid traffic via Facebook/Google.

Do you really need a new “website”?

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