My co-founder was killed in a motorcycle accident.

It was the first business I had started.

I had, and still have, an incredible business plan and software– but never would I have been able to prepare for what happened.

The loss of a close friend and business partner drove me to despair.

I wanted to give up.

That was 14 years ago and since then I’ve learned to have contingency plans– a Plan B for anything that may happen.

Run your business via checklists so that if you lose a key person or if something bad happens, you’ll still be able to operate.

Like run-flat tires or how the airlines operate– to not fall out of the sky even though there’s the weather, mechanical problems, staff calling in sick, fuel prices fluctuating, or whatever.

Below is the business plan I thought was rock-solid– until reality exposed a weakness.

And everyone has a plan until they’re punched in the face like Mike Tyson said.

What’s yours?

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