Today I had lunch with one of the most successful businessmen in Utah.

He picked me up in a car that has wings for doors– and I didn’t know how to open it and crawl inside.

He owns property all over the world and has the things you’d expect to see from someone of his stature.

But he admitted to me that for the first 30 years, he went to bed every night in fear— that it wouldn’t work out, that they wouldn’t make payroll, or that he wasn’t good enough.

He lost hours of sleep regularly, because the number of issues that keep coming at you are overwhelming.

Almost every founder I know admits that it’s a struggle– not just at the start, but loneliness and fears for years.

It wasn’t until 3 years ago that he could go to sleep peacefully, not worrying about whether his business was going to make it.

Ask any founder you know and they will admit this to you. So continue on, you’re doing just fine.

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