A few years ago I spoke on stage with a colleague who had twice the public speaking experience I had.

I was astonished and embarrassed by his performance.

He said “uhm” repeatedly, a big no-no in speaking.

He kept his hands in his pockets.

Strike two.

And worst of all, he didn’t make any solid points.

His speech was very vague.

I wondered, how in the world has he gotten so many speaking gigs behaving this way?

That’s when I realized, the key to getting speaking engagements is not about being a great public speaker.

It’s not about being really smart, attractive, or rich.

It’s about building the right network.

Most people mistakenly think Personal Branding is just about the NUMBER of followers you have.

That’s not true.

Much more important is Quality than Quantity.

Join me this Thursday, Oct 25 for a free webinar where I’ll teach you HOW to grow your network with Quality connections to land speaking gigs.

Plus I’ll share tips for how to do well on stage (since I still believe that matters), and how to get paid to speak.

Reserve your spot at: learnwithdennis.com

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