Delegate to alleviate pressure.

No matter how “full” someone’s plate is ESPECIALLY when they are overloaded, that’s when they should be communicating and delegating more to alleviate the pressure.

See how being busy is not a reason to excuse communication, but a reason FOR communicating and delegating?

This is #CID (communicate > iterate > delegate) at work, where we learn to Iterate #DDD (do > delegate > delete) to do the work ourselves, so we can manage others #LDT (learn > do > teach).

In other words, the more we have to go on, the more we need to delegate competently. And that requires #CCS (content > checklist > software), as many of us are discovering, for repeatable excellence, instead of one-on-one private training for people who won’t study documentation/videos.

Reduce pain and waste in your team by having them adopt these principles, so they thrive the next time they’re under pressure, instead of going silent and making excuses after you chase them down.

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