Here’s what I said to one candidate this morning who wanted to pay 300% of our starting wage…

If you truly believe you’re worth $X/hour to start, we don’t want you to make less than that.

Because that would be unfair to you.

We only want people who are happy to work with us. And to have to discount your price and be paid less than you’re worth is not how to make your employees happy.

At the same time, we believe people should earn their way up the scale, whether it takes days to prove their value or years. And we don’t make exceptions to this, since we honor our standards.

So it looks like you’re not a fit for us unless you have a significant realization and departure from what you’ve already said.

// We believe in a fair system where people are paid according to what they accomplish, not by how well they negotiate or how they play the political game.

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