Not a joke…

We run our entire business on Infusionsoft and it’s saved us millions of dollars in headaches.

Anything you turn into a process, you can run as a series of campaigns with tags that trigger actions.

Most people think of Infusionsoft only for marketing campaigns, like a smarter email delivery engine.

But the true power is automating your business operations– like what we’ve done in the execution of our 3-day VIP workshop, to coordinate all the various details that have to happen precisely at certain points for the entire event to go off smoothly.

I think of Infusionsoft as the ultimate nagger– to remind people what to do next and to nag them if they didn’t get it done in whatever allowed time for that task.

Infusionsoft is not magic– you have to write down your process before you can enter it into the machine.

Our #1 skill is building processes, which is why we’re Infusionsoft Certified Partners that implement processes for agencies and entrepreneurs.

What good is a Facebook campaign without a sophisticated process to manage the leads?

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