Some wisdom from my co-founder

Logan Young, on college and work experience!

// Interviewer: “Forgot everything you learned in College, we do it differently here.”

Candidate: “I didn’t go to college.”

Interviewer: “Oh, well you’re not qualified for this position.”

I’m a HUGE advocate of college, but recognize the challenges it faces ^.

I graduated from BYU in Advertising, one of the top Ad programs in the nation. Here are 3 things they did to fix the 4/5 challenges above.

1. We had an Ad Lab. The Ad Lab is an Ad Agency run completely by students. It’s funded by the clients. Everyone gets to participate. Before I graduated I was able to do work for big clients like Stance Socks, Nike, and many others.

2. An Internship was a requirement to graduate, not just a way to get your first job. There were programs and counselors dedicated to helping students with their resumes, making introductions, etc.

3. Guest Speakers/Business Tours/Career Fairs. Every semester we’d have people from the industry speak to the students. We’d also tour agencies and get feedback each year on our portfolios and what would agencies were looking for. 

If other programs find ways to blend real-world experience/feedback with education, they will allow students to hit the ground running after their graduation.

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