A good friend and I were discussing how this disruption will unfold over the next few years, as every major retail-driven manufacturer will be eventually replaced by these hot, venture-backed startups that use clever creativity to drive sales online.

B2B SaaS as a category, while still huge, is not getting the cash venture firms are throwing at DTC firms.

And all these DTC firms are more like creative shops than manufacturers– like Red Bull being a media production company that happens to sell a caffeinated beverage.

That means there is a HUGE opportunity to service these young upstarts with performance marketing services– help produce, edit, boost, and tune creatives that are also ads.

I’m looking at you, Travis Chambers, as the model agency to produce the killer videos and drive the advertising campaigns from these creatives.

If you’re seeking a job or partnership, consider understanding the intersection between video production and Facebook/YouTube ad optimization.

Understand the art and the science– to be both an artist and an accountant.

We are training this new breed of a marketer in our programs– who has left and right brain skills.