It’s the best price I’ll get anywhere, he exclaims.

I tell him that I want REAL followers who resonate with my content, believe in my mission, and want to be in a community of like-minded people.

But so-and-so has 17.5 million followers and is doing a celebrity giveaway.

You could get another 100,000 followers if you are one of 20 people who each kick in $10,000 to sponsor a tweet.

Not interested, I tell him.

And he proceeds to tell me how little I know about social media, how I’m so dumb to miss this opportunity, and how I need to learn how to use things like video.

I ask him whether he’s seen any of my content– since he’s solely trying to sell me followers, incessantly.

His response is that he’s just trying to help me. And asks me to refer him to my friends, so he can spam them, too.

Friends– go for quality over quantity. If you wanted to destroy your enemy, hire this guy to buy the enemy fake followers.

Their engagement rate (especially comments) will plummet. And there’s no easy way to shed fake fans, much like holiday pounds gained from eating a bit too well. As the algos get tighter this year, quality is what stands out.