Last week, we lost a key client and one of our key team members at the same time.

I was devastated since I saw neither of these events coming.

Fortunately, we’ve got a system in place where there’s nothing we do that doesn’t have a process.

Anyone in our company who has learned to do something knows they must document how it’s done and teach others.

This is active mentorship to build up our future leaders, while also providing what we call “repeatable excellence”.

#CCS means (Content > Checklist > Software) and it will save your company’s life when disaster strikes.

If you lost any key client or key person in your company, do you have someone else who can immediately step in?

If you’re a founder, has your first order of business been to replace yourself?

Are your systems such that if one of your folks goes on vacation that someone else can pick right up because everyone is familiar with how you organize things, what you offer in your packages, and training to standardize execution?

When you hone your operating process, you are also building a LIGHTHOUSE at the same time.

You’re actively saying exactly what niche you serve with repeatable excellence.

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