Don’t get killed in the current Facebook Fiasco.

Every problem is also an opportunity– here’s how and what to do:

1) With Facebook removing estimated reach reporting, setting budgets and understanding audiences is harder. Start your ad sets with $1 a day and set automated rules.

2) With more people getting ads accounts banned (nearly impossible to get back), having an active account becomes a competitive advantage. Read the advertising TOS super carefully, and submit fewer ads. 

3) Set up your campaign structure to follow the 3×3 grid, which is 3 pieces of content each for awareness, engagement, and conversion (3 part #AEC funnel). 

4) While estimated reach on custom audiences has gone away, you still get actual reach and other performance metrics. 

5) Diversify into Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Snapchat. These other platforms all offer email and web custom audiences. 

6) Less data and functionality means you must be stronger at creative, which has always been the bottleneck, as Ryan Deiss likes to note. Most PPC and SEO folks are over-reliant upon tricks. 

7) Video, video, video– learn how to make one-minute videos! Your WHY, gratitude, explainer, speaker reel, “how to” tips, customer interview, happy employee, the company “I believe”, lead magnet.

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