I get WAY more reach and engagement posting on LinkedIn than I do on Facebook…

Almost to the point that if I had to choose to keep just one, I might choose LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s ad platform is weak in so many ways, as was Facebook’s 11 years ago when they first started. 

So I play the organic game by sharing what I’ve learned as an entrepreneur, educator, and data geek.

All text updates still work well– not as well as “poetry” before LinkedIn’s algo penalized Josh Fechter and those who followed his amazing techniques.  

But while I’m not getting a million+ reach and 20,000+ likes per post anymore, I’m quite happy with 50,000 to 200,000 reach on simple posts like this.

You see I write one or two a week whenever something strikes me– nothing scheduled, no automation, and no timing.  This post is at 1:40 am on a Sunday morning, which would fail on Facebook.

But LinkedIn posts continue to build traffic over time, almost like web pages ranking in Google.

Keep following Josh Fechter, by the way– he is the smartest growth marketer on the planet. If anyone knows what’s working or not, you’ll hear it from him first.

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