I was considering changing my title to BITCOIN/BLOCKCHAIN EXPERT and our company name to BLITZCOIN.

Just for fun, of course, like the others who are riding the fad to attract attention.

I’m not saying there isn’t long-term value in businesses that can be built on blockchain nor am I saying this entire thing is a speculative bubble.

Let everyone else argue until they’re blue in the face like you see happen on social media.

But here is the point

If you’re jumping on this bandwagon, are you doing it for the money, the fame, or something ever-changing?  

Were you also first on the scene when social media came out– to be a social media expert?  

Are you a self-proclaimed expert on chatbots, too?

Me, I’m interested in developing young adults into entrepreneurs and digital marketing experts– bridging the education system and the private sector.

Whatever fads come and go, my mission is the same.

My strategy is constant over the years, but the tactics may adjust.

What is the CORE of what YOU stand for? And how do you represent this and execute it?

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