The hardest thing to do in business is firing someone, would you agree?

I’ve fired over 200 people in my 20+ year career and here’s what I’ve learned…

Hiring friends and family multiplies goodness and multiplies bad things– I see husband-wife teams strengthen each other.  But I’ve also seen nepotism and the lazy brother of a hard-working employee.  

Who wants to fire that person?

I’ve learned that you should immediately fire anyone with a poisonous attitude– intentionally damaging or not.  They rarely turn around and everyone already knows.  They’re waiting to see if you do anything about it.

Waiting to fire someone is usually bad.  You hope they will turn around. It’s Christmas time and you want to wait until January. They’re a really nice person but are hopelessly incompetent. 

Hire slow and fire fast.

Hire based on what they have done, not what they say about themselves.

Don’t go into a ton of specifics when you let them go.

Be firm, yet kind, even though you wish they could understand and even if they want to joust with you.

Don’t hold onto someone even though they’re driving killer results or you’re understaffed. That rationalization will lead you to greater problems.

And when you let go of the bad people, you’ll improve team morale and attract more winners.

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