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I see the merit of students demanding tuition refunds from universities– claiming that online classes are a weak substitute for the full campus experience.

But the larger issue for both educators and students is how we provide real jobs to students.

The modern student gets a degree because it opens up employment opportunities.

Being a well-rounded individual is good, provided solid vocational training and employment are already there.

Teachers need to know how to run students through not just Zoom webinars, but an interactive experience of “monkey see, monkey do”.

For those of us who are marketing practitioners, this recent shift has made our training MORE effective, since we’re not lecturing– we’re demonstrating, then asking students to do it.

In each 60-minute session, we’ll cover 5-6 exercises (you watch me do it live, then you do it)– make a 15-second video, write a LinkedIn recommendation, download a new app, set up a Facebook pixel, boost a post, etc…

They’re building their “resumes” while they’re learning and doing.

And we’re hooking up our students with clients at the same time– not in the far-off future.

College Students Demand Coronavirus Refunds

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