Facebook made some announcements yesterday that have many people in a panic.

Please, stop the insanity.

Facebook is NOT making drastic changes.

This is not breaking news- more about reaffirming what they’ve said all along about making a better community.

Here is who will get hurt:

*Companies that only promote their products and services. In other words, no funnel, so they are hitting only cold audiences, instead of primarily doing custom audiences.

*Companies that don’t produce one-minute videos. To be more like what friends are making, you have to engage in the exact same way.

*Companies who don’t engage in nearly every single post and comment. Not with a bot, but with caring humans.

*Companies who are swayed by the latest tools or shortcuts, whether they be bots, mass posting tools or anything promising results automatically.

*Companies who are trying to trick the algo, just like most SEO people. Your “antidote” is to:

+ Have an AEC (awareness, engagement, conversion) funnel with these 3 stages.

+ Use the 3×3 video grid (9 min videos- 3 at each funnel stage).

+ Spend $1 per day boosting posts to custom audiences, so you can keep tuning your AEC funnel.

Our reach, and more importantly, our performance, has gotten BETTER, each time Facebook makes these updates.

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