If you are used to running micro-targeted ads on Facebook, you may have seen your costs SKYROCKET.

Posts that we used to pay 50 cents to reach 1,000 people are now costing as much as $100.

That’s a 200X increase in some cases, even for boosted posts that have really high engagement rates.

You can get around this by widening your audiences and having your “dollar a day” budget spent in a shorter time frame.

So instead of doing a dollar a day for 7 days, run $7 for just one day.

And instead of having many small audiences in many ad sets, create larger “inception” audiences in a single ad set, letting oCPM do the work.

If you don’t know how that works– basically it means choose audiences that are at least 20,000, so Facebook can sub-select (target) for you based on your chosen business objective.

Even with the CPMs higher, your cost per business result (leads, sales, website clicks, RSVPs, app installs, etc) will be less.

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