Like the weight loss coach who is an obese or motivational speaker who is always depressed…

Today I was hit up by a marketing consultant who claims she can drive leads for us.

Desperately spamming hundreds of people, she is broke and can’t deliver.

The rich man doesn’t need to tell everyone he is rich.

You and I both see her in an endless parade of self-proclaimed experts. 

They promise you $100,000 a month with no effort– Lamborghinis and mansions by next week!

Want to know how instantly tell who is FAKE?

1) Do they have a published process on how they do it?

* If not, they can’t reliably repeat their success.

2) Do they have a team of people, trained and certified in their method?

* If not, then they are the only ones who can service you– and their time is limited.

If you want Facebook ads done right, see who Facebook says is the best.

If you want your Infusionsoft campaigns built right, find out who is building Infusionsoft’s own campaigns.

Hire the people who are the MOST EXPENSIVE and are busy servicing clients. Because the folks who have plenty of time on their hands and are desperate for your business are either hungry apprentices or failed charlatans.

Do you want to know what’s really expensive?

Mistakes and incompetence.

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