Candidates who apply for positions with us are either pleasantly surprised or mad that we ask them to study training materials and make a one-minute video.

The ones who are mad vent that they don’t work for free, don’t appreciate having to jump through hoops and don’t want to go through any qualifying process.

After all, they have 15 years of experience, so we should begin live interviews on their insistence and resume alone.

The ones who are grateful see that we’ve unlocked access to some of our courses for free.

They appreciate that we care so much about their goals that we have an explicit process to collect them and help them achieve these goals– personal, physical, and professional.

They are surprised that we give them feedback along the way on how to improve their personal brand, make a more effective one-minute video, and improve their digital knowledge– whether they are qualified to work with us or not.

Many who failed or were disqualified from our program go on to work at well-known companies and then hire us.

If you’re an employer… candidates learn a lot about you from your hiring process, so you and your executives must actively be a part of it.

If you’re a candidate… the response or lack of response from companies is telling of how they’ll treat you.