PRO TIP: Guard your time.

It’s precious and you don’t have to say yes to everyone that wants to meet to “pick your brain”.

Be helpful where you can- a quick word of advice or pointing them to an article or video you made. I’ve written several thousand to provide free help to everyone that is willing to study and take action.

I’ve said YES too many times because I didn’t want to offend someone and because I thought it would actually be “just 5 minutes”. But you and I know that’s just not the case.

My friend, Jeffrey Eisenberg, gave me a great tool to use when people keep asking for more. Just say, “You know I do this for a living, right?”

If you say yes to too many things, you will be spending your time in reacting to a never-ending list, instead of spending your time initiating what’s important to you. Strive for 50% open time to plan and initiate, instead of being too busy for yourself.

Respect your time and you will see others reciprocate. I hope you got some value here, my friend.

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