Guard your time jealously– it’s okay to charge for it.

Most of the popular speakers, bloggers, podcasters, and other public figures are nearly flat broke, even though they’re ranked #1 in various lists and have huge audiences.

Why? Because they’ve focused on delivering amazing content (in itself not a bad thing), building their network (to bring on good guests to interview), and otherwise being busy in the production and editing of content.

But they don’t treat it like a BUSINESS.

And because they’re not looking at monetizing or perhaps even don’t have a list, they don’t have the funds to hire people to run operations– to build courses, project manage, sell consulting, and so forth.

That’s the chicken and egg.

The general public believes these folks to be super rich since they’re hobnobbing with billionaires and flying all over the planet.

But folks on the inside know the reality– that travel eats up time, that most keynotes cover only travel plus a modest stipend, and that there is a lot of free consulting involved.

So the trick is to make more money, as there just isn’t more time to come up with more content. None of us has the time to ideate on starting a new show, to sleep less, to take time away from our families, and to give to the well-deserving startups and entrepreneurs.

Guard your time jealously– it’s okay to charge for it.
That’s why you blog, make videos, post on Facebook, and so forth– the community can consume your KNOWLEDGE for free, without depleting your precious time.

photo credit: Robert Scoble

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