I’ve seen thousands of people fail and here’s why….

They don’t realize that iteration is like breathing.

If you stop, you’re dead.

You can skip a few breaths and be okay, but stop breathing for just an hour and you’re a goner.

Even for the best of reasons- because you were busy, so-and-so didn’t get back to you, you were going to do it later, or whatever excuse to delay.


If you’re collecting salary via weekly direct deposit, you can wait almost indefinitely to take action with no consequences.

But if you are an entrepreneur, then your business is like your child in many respects. You’re willing to lose sleep for it, since problems come at inconvenient times.

You can’t reschedule problems to come back at a more convenient time.

I used breathing as the analogy instead of your heart beating because I don’t believe in the 24×7 hustle.

If you’re the heart and stop beating for a few minutes, you get irreversible brain damage and death.

I used to practice holding my breath for up to 3 minutes at a time, so I could practice swimming underwater the length of a regular 25-meter pool and back in a single breath.

So breathing is within your control as a semi-autonomous function. Your heartbeat, not really.

Keep breathing instead of being hit by analysis paralysis!

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