Killer life hack, literally, to gain 6 more hours of productivity per day…

Don’t ever shower, eat, or change your clothes!

You’ll get another 3 hours per day to hustle.
Just think of how much more work you could get done over the course of a year!

And you won’t have to hang out with your friends, as they’ll all leave you, giving you another 3 bonus hours per day to up your game!

That’s 6 more hours than you have right now!

Okay, enough life hacking– and enough ridiculous talk about the “hustle”.

When you stay up late pounding Red Bulls, you’re not getting more work done in heroic Rocky fashion.

You’re actually borrowing hours from tomorrow since you either have to sleep less or wake up later.

Go for that hour of well-rested productivity versus that boastful hour of needless suffering.

I don’t measure my productivity by how much time I put in since one QUALITY hour of well-rested, high-energy, well-fed thinking is worth 50 hours of random, unfocused, interrupted, tired “hustling”.

Employees watch the clock.
Entrepreneurs watch their bank account and their productivity level.

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