Pain pushes until the vision pulls.

My mentor told me this today since I’ve been struggling with some pain and self-doubt.

Pain comes from things you’re supposed to do– “Man, I know I am supposed to study for this test, go to the gym, etc”.

It’s an obligation of what you need to do.

So the pain pushes you to do it– to avoid consequences or being seen as unworthy.

And with it comes feelings of the worthlessness of a never-ending list of dos.

But vision is about the welfare of others– massively bigger than yourself.

Remembering your long-term vision will inspire you and excite you– so you can run and not grow weary, walk, and not faint.

And others rally behind this common vision– when not just two or more gather, but a multitude.

I’ve been in a funk recently– a lot of pain.

You may also be harboring your challenges in private– putting on the outward face of success.

But I’m reminded of the good things we’re doing, and I’m counting on my second wind to kick in soon.

I’ve been selfish and ungrateful, which has created pain for me– from focusing on myself.

Are you in pain?

If so, can you identify the vision that pulls you, so you can be free of the pain and joyfully be in the service of others?

Though I’m not exactly a saint myself, I can tell you from my personal experience that when I’m in pain, which does serve its purpose, the “pull” I get is from others and the bigger vision– so I’m not relying upon my own limited power.

“Pain pushes until the vision pulls.”

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