The more pain you feel, the greater your capacity also for experiencing joy.

When you’re having a hard time, reframe the situation– instead of things happening TO you, consider that all things are happening FOR you.

When I feel despair, I remember that I’ll be paid back tenfold with blessings later.

Wendy was a happy little girl. She wore her plastic pearl necklace wherever she went– it was her favorite item, perhaps like your teddy bear or whatever you cherished when you were younger.

One day, Daddy, who gave Wendy the pearl necklace long ago, pulled her aside.

He asked her if she knew Daddy loved her.
“Why, yes Daddy– I know you love me,” she said.

He asked her if she believed Daddy always had her best interests in mind.
“Yes, Daddy– I know you always have my best interests in mind,” she said.

Then you’ll give me your pearl necklace, said Daddy.

Confused, she obeyed.
And later cried, for she didn’t understand the loss of her favorite item.

A few days later, Daddy pulled Wendy aside.

Daddy asked and Wendy reaffirmed the answers to their questions earlier.

And Daddy pulled out a box, handing it to Wendy.
When she opened it, she found a brand new necklace– this one made of real pearls, not the cheap plastic ones she had before.

I’ve had to give up items in my life that I treasured– because I’ve trusted my own judgment on what I think is best.

I doubted there was a better plan for my life.
Singing hymns in church for eternity didn’t seem like my idea of fun.

I’ve usually and still do, given in to momentary pleasures- so much easier than being willing to endure for what I know is right. We all have addictions, hidden or visible.

Are there things that give you momentary happiness, but generate immediate regret later?

Do you have a mentor, sponsor, or co-founder to keep you accountable and help you see past your blind spots?

What are the fake, plastic pearl necklaces in your life that you need to give up– so that you can trade for something far better?

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