Your time and knowledge are precious– spend it with those who appreciate it.

The paradox is that those who pay you the most have the least expectations and are the happiest. And those who complain the most are those who pay you the least.

Thus, the “Top N Rule”
— Take your top 3 (N can be whatever number) clients and overinvest in them, which yields you 3X growth in your business with less headache and less time.
— Take your Top 3 friends and spend disproportionately more quality time with them, even though it’s tempting to try to meet everyone “because you never know”.
— Take your Top 3 projects and overinvest, meaning that you have to say NO ruthlessly.

This principle works because you don’t want to trade a sure thing (an hour of your time lost is forever lost) with something highly speculative (a meeting that potentially could yield something).

Entrepreneurship or embarking on new projects of any type is already risky. Why not build from ingredients that are already proven?

Others call this “prioritization”. Jack Welch, the most famous of CEOs, calls this “#1 or out”– when he was at GE, they exited any industry where they didn’t have a #1 position or couldn’t clearly make it to #1 quickly.

You’re the CEO of your life, and the minutes of your day are your soldiers/staff working for you. Do you have them (your time) running about randomly or organized towards a plan that leads towards victory?

Just now, a random Internet troll is trying to provoke me. The old Dennis would have wasted time trying to educate him or even “compete” with him. Don’t scratch that itch. You can easily win that battle, but lose the war.

Always be vigilant about who appreciates your time and where you allocate it. If you don’t, you’ll quickly find it being squandered against things that don’t matter.

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