Do, Delegate, Delete

In March, I received 22,000 emails and sent 7,000 emails– so that’s about 30,000 emails, or about 1,000 a day.

I process them via a technique we call #DDD for Do, Delegate, Delete.

I use no folders, no automation (except Boomerang to track who doesn’t reply), and write all responses myself.

I run everything through a single inbox, since having multiple inboxes via Facebook chat, LinkedIn chat, text, basecamp, and other systems just creates more clutter.

I usually have two major periods that I crank through emails during the day, mid-morning and late evening, working on my laptop, since it’s faster.

During the day, I’ll use the Gmail app to process quick replies, delegate out urgent items or handle myself, so I don’t have to address twice or remember.

If there’s an interesting article I want to read, I read it then, since there is no “tomorrow”– which will only be busier.

And when I do read, I read only ONCE, but carefully (I don’t skim or mark as unread later)– enough that I will be able to remember details later.

I don’t do folders, since that’s only sweeping things under the rug– nobody goes back there. I use Gmail search operators to find stuff– powerful tools.

By the way, I’m using the free email meter tool to help me understand my email efficiency.

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