How do you get a job without experience?

How do you drive warm leads without a network?

How do you own a niche when you don’t have industry authority?

I get thousands of these questions, so let me tell you the “secret”, okay?

1) Find someone who is successfully doing what you’d like to be doing.

2) Study what they do and what they’ve written, so you can stand out among the many others who hit them up all the time.

3) Offer to work for them in whatever way they see fit– whatever tasks at whatever pay.

4) Become so valuable that they pull you into projects of greater and greater importance, to where eventually you become their confidant and indispensable.

5) Before even have to ask you to follow up on something, you’re already there– you anticipate their needs before they even realize it.

And pretty soon, their network has become your network.

You’ve not needed to cold-call or grovel for business, since you’re drafting off the power of your mentor.

You don’t need to worry about pricing since your mentor already commands top dollar.

You’ve completely side-stepped the pain of years of foraging for pennies in the gutter, hoping to trade up to nickels.

Instead, you’ve taken the express elevator straight to the top, where the clients treat you well, pay you well, and provide you with the best education possible.

This is the path I took 20+ years ago with the CEO of American Airlines.

And it’s the path most of the young adults in our program are benefitting from– the deserving and hard-working ones that have earned their spot.

But even if you’re not a young adult, you should still be seeking out industry mentors. Find ways to add value to them before you ask, ask, ask.

Are you trying to valiantly survive in business by “hustling” harder and praying that something things will turn out well?

Or are you guaranteeing your success by tying yourself to someone who has already achieved it?

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