Lisbon, London, Dubai, Iceland, or wherever.

So many people glamorize and seek the “laptop lifestyle”.

But what they don’t tell you is that the secret to pulling it off is solid operations- meaning that you have a team of people who are following a clear process to get the work done as a TEAM.

Failures WILL happen.

What’s your process for handling them?

We lost two people last week who wanted the glamour but weren’t able to get stuff done. And because of the process, others came in to take over, so that projects don’t run into disaster.

The #1 thing I spend my time thinking about is how to create “repeatable excellence”.

In other words, look at where we’ve had failures in the past and continuously build training, task assignments, accountability, and automation to enable “graceful failure” when it does happen.

If you play golf, you know it’s not about hitting perfect shots but minimizing the cost of mistakes.

I want to hit the fairways and greens in regulation. But if I miss, I want to go “up and down” to save par each time.

When you travel, that’s one way to test whether you have a strong process- that your team can operate without you physically there in the office to provide real-time support.

My knowledge and experience in operations is 10X whatever my skill in digital marketing.

The actual making and tuning of ads are mechanically simple and defined.

But the emotions of people, the expectations of clients, and the random things that happen along the way create an infinite variety of situations to test your process.

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