Moving FAST by Moving SLOW

New friends and old, like silver and gold.

Why are people so transactional and impatient these days?

Or am I getting old– or just old-fashioned?

Max Darby, Josh Hamby, Austin, Dylan, and a few other engineers on our team have been with me for over 10 years.

You’ll rarely hear from them, as they prefer it that way– even though they have massive expertise in multiple disciplines.

I met Eric Ludwig in April of 2009, years before he became CMO of Rosetta Stone (and then hired us) and now to Moblty.

Kenny Lauer was my friend years before he ran marketing at the Golden State Warriors, and then hired us.

Whether you believe in karma, the law of reciprocity, or whatever, in the long run, when you sow relationship seeds, it will come around to you.

As an entrepreneur, I naturally want to move as fast as possible, which often means saying YES too frequently, too early.

But in the right moment, perhaps years down the road, that one relationship will re-ignite– effortlessly and exactly when you need it.

I’ve learned to speed up by slowing down.

I make more decisions by gut than by analytical calculation.

Those people who talk the least about how busy they are, get the most work done.

The most productive days of my life are hanging out on the beach with a friend, not jamming in 10 meetings back-to-back.

Those who talk the most about their “success” are actually struggling the most.

The projects where I try the least are where we make the most money.

I’ve learned how to move fast by going slow– by optimizing relationships instead of projects.

9 women in one month don’t make a baby.

Are you working hard to complete tasks– or, instead, building relationships that will help you fly over the storm, instead of muscling through it?

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