My buddy who sold his company for $2.2 billion dollars gave me a billion-dollar gift.

He said that fear is the distance between where you are and the negative event in the future.

If you are trying to “manifest”, then by definition there is a gap between where you are now and want to be.

But if you believe that everything happens for a reason- that there are no coincidences in who you meet or situations you’ve been in then you realize that you have exactly what you need.

It comes to you with perfect timing- not a split second before or a split second late.

And that is what happened today with a partnership we formed to teach millions together by helping people express their WHY, opening the way for others to share with radical transparency.

When we are vulnerable, we build trust, which opens the door to communication and leads to collaboration.

But if we have fear in our hearts, which is by choice, then we are blind to the amazing things that God placed before us.

If only I had known 30 years ago what I learned today, that there is no need to force, drag, and shove my way to success- that it’s already inside me right now.

You are an acorn seed that will grow into a mighty oak tree. You don’t have to force your growth. Just let it happen by choosing the right environment.

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