My “secret” is that I have incredible mentors

Do you have super successful people that care about your personal and professional growth?

My mentors open doors, provide critical advice and are just awesome all around.

I pay them nothing but my respect.

Some are billionaires– so they don’t need my money.

How do you get these folks as mentors?

You build an amazing network by consuming content from people you admire and then sharing it.

And do whatever you can to support your mentors

For example, I get hit up all the time by people who want to mentor me, but 99% of them don’t do anything.

Or they only want an intro to Mark Zuckerberg or want me to write them a check– not willing to work.

But you’re busy working 8-5 each day, so no time to learn and to teach, right?

That’s a conundrum, for sure. I worked in corporate America for 10 years, probably like you.

I found two mentors– the CEO of American Airlines and the CEO of Allstate Insurance.

They helped me realize I was asking the wrong questions.

And they opened doors for me that I didn’t know existed.

Be open to mentors changing your perspective– to help you achieve bigger goals than you thought possible through methods you never considered.

If you want me to be your mentor, study this and then go live for one minute on Facebook with what you’ve learned.

99% of folks who approach me for mentorship won’t do this.

Check this out.

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