Please, stop paying other people to write your content.

Do you think Axl Rose can hire a replacement to sing for him on stage, yet fool the audience?

I get hit up thousands of times by consultants who peddle their content creation services.

Yes, I’m busy– and I’d outsource this in a heartbeat if it could actually work.

If you believe in Daniel Wallock‘s LIGHTHOUSE strategy, you know that your content represents the best of your knowledge and execution– that it must pass muster with the experts.

How likely will that cold-calling, auto-spamming, following up with you 3 times in a row agency have the expertise to fool the most knowledgeable people in your industry?

The very fact that they’re hitting you up cold, instead of you discovering their expertise and coming to them, is a red flag.

Modern marketing is no longer about outbound blastings, like artillery breaking down fortifications.

It’s generating a beacon of light that draws people to you.

Our firm has been 100% inbound leads since the start– zero cold callings, zero cold emails, zero sales reps, and zero buying lists.

It’s all people coming to us, seeking help, like a hospital that patients willingly go to.

The surgeons in the emergency room don’t go knocking on doors, canvassing the neighborhood.

Their time is too valuable to be prospecting– plus, they have more dignity than to beg to give a presentation on their services to anyone who has a pulse.

Respect yourself, respect your time, and respect your clients by building a LIGHTHOUSE– and then you reap the benefits o being an inbound marketer.

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