People love to talk about the “hustle” (you can do it), the “dream” (follow your passion), and various forms of feel-good, motivational nonsense.

But with that 1% of inspiration comes 99% perspiration via operational processes that run your company day-to-day, task-by-task.

So then you can work ON your business instead of IN your business. If pulling you out of your company would cause it to fail, then you’re just an employee at your business– and you cannot scale.

If you have a true mission– a burning desire to change the world– then you logically must have an obligation to spread your message and impact through an operational process.

That takes the nitty-gritty of hiring people for different roles.

Even with the most clever programming, many challenges are best solved with people, not automation.

Thus, we hire and train young adults from the United States and virtual assistants from the Philippines, working together in a unified process to execute business goals (drive leads and revenue) for clients.

We’ve placed all our processes for fellow entrepreneurs, speakers, agencies, and consultants in Agency Management Course at

One of them is our VA (virtual assistant) Hiring Guide– and it’s our way of providing opportunities to our friends in the Philippines to advance through the levels while giving early management training opportunities for our young adults.

Are you attempting to build your processes from scratch or are you leveraging what is already working for other people?